Job opportunities

Job opportunities

Our recruitment process

We ensure equal opportunities for all candidates during the recruitment process, and our human resources team has been trained in recognizing and mitigating unconscious biases.

1. Submit your application

Job vacancies are posted on our website and through other channels, such as job portals and LinkedIn. Applications are accepted for one to six weeks. You must submit your application on our website.

2. Shortlisting

We select candidates for interview according to objective and job-related criteria set by the hiring manager and the human resources team. This may take up to a month due to the high volume of applications.

Please note: It may take up to 2 months to receive an answer after applying.

3. Interviews

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for one or more interviews. As we are a matrix-managed organization, you should be prepared for an intensive interview process that includes staff based in different locations.

The interviews may be conducted in different ways: face-to-face, video conference, telephone, one-on-one, or in a panel. The process takes from 1 to 2 months.

4. Assessment and reference checks

To assess particular skills, you may be asked to take written tests, which we conduct in a transparent manner. The references provided will be checked prior to, or after the final selection.

The reference checks we do may depend on government, labour, and data protection legislation. For employment in the IT, Finance, and Human Resources departments, you will have to provide a judicial records background check. In some of our offices, more stringent requirements for background checks may exist – such as a medical check – based on local best practices, insurance requirements, and legislation.

5. Final selection

The hiring manager and human resources will make a decision after reviewing the interview report and application material. As the successful candidate, you will receive a letter of intent, including the salary offer, benefits, our policies (Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy, Conflict of interest Policy), Guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct, and Code of Conduct. You have up to 2 weeks to respond to the offer.

Please note: All applicants will receive notification by email on whether their application was successful. We only give feedback on request to interviewed candidates.

Welcome to DNDi board

6. Onboarding

Welcome! Our onboarding process will accompany you in getting to know what it is like to be part of the DNDi team, so that you can embark on your new exciting journey with us. 

Diversity, equity & inclusion

DNDi is committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion and preventing misconduct and discrimination.