Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct aims to strengthen the ethical culture at DNDi to support decision-making based on our values, and to maintain the respect and confidence of our colleagues, partners, and the donors who support us.

Our values both reflect who we are and guide who we aspire to be. For us to continue our success in developing treatments for neglected patients, strengthening capacities, and inspiring policy change by demonstrating an alternative model, we must strive to work with our staff, external partners, and patients according to our values in everything we do.

Applying the Code of Conduct

We expect everyone working for or with us to observe the standards set forth in our Code of Conduct. This includes our leadership, staff, directors, consultants, volunteers, interns, suppliers, and collaborating partners.

Safeguarding people

We believe that equal opportunity and workforce diversity are vital to the realization of our values. An inclusive work environment that openly values diversity and supports the full contribution of everyone we interact with leads to increased tolerance, respect, productivity, and success.

We are committed to creating a respectful, positive, and harmonious workplace for all our employees. We strive to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and that no employee is subjected to harassment.

Being a trusted partner

Our policies govern our commitment to respecting research and clinical standards; compliance; anti-bribery and anti-corruption; proper documentation and accurate reporting; data privacy and security; avoiding conflicts of interest; and confidentiality.

Raising concerns

We expect everyone we work with to prevent and report any kind of actual or potential ethical or legal concern, or to otherwise question or challenge any possible breach of the Code of Conduct, especially where it may adversely impact patients or anyone who is vulnerable.

DNDi’s Integrity Line is an online third-party platform that can be used for the anonymous reporting of misconduct by DNDi staff or anyone outside the organization in connection with DNDi activities. There are also several other reporting channels detailed in our Code of Conduct.

We strictly prohibit retaliation or adverse action against anyone who, in good faith, raises a concern about compliance issues or cooperates with our investigation into an alleged breach of this Code. We will address all allegations of breaches of this Code in a timely, fair, proportional, and confidential manner.

DNDi Code of Conduct