The Dengue Alliance, launched in 2022, is a global partnership led by institutions from dengue-endemic countries that aims to develop affordable and accessible treatments for dengue.

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Dengue, a climate-sensitive neglected tropical disease, is one of the top ten threats to global public health worldwide. Despite an estimated 390 million infections each year in more than 100 countries, there is no specific treatment available. More than 70% of the disease burden is estimated to be in Asia, with rapidly growing incidence in other parts of the world – in particular the Americas which exceeded 3 million infections in 2019.

The Dengue Alliance works on joint projects to progress pre-clinical investigations of potential dengue treatments, test the efficacy of repurposed drug candidates, and implement clinical trials of the most promising drug candidates. At the same time, Alliance members coordinate efforts to help overcome knowledge gaps and expedite clinical research and regulatory approvals, including addressing unmet needs on diagnostics. The partnership also focuses on raising funds and mobilizing resources while openly sharing research knowledge.