Clinical trials

Our world class studies take place mostly in remote settings

Clinical trials

Our world class studies take place mostly in remote settings

At DNDi, we work with research partners from around the world to evaluate new and improved medicines and treatment regimens in clinical trials. The evidence from these studies enables us to deliver better, more affordable treatments for the most neglected.

We conduct world-class clinical trials following Good Clinical Practice standards even in the most remote and rural areas. This involves infrastructure updates and training for clinical staff, often through regional disease-specific research networks supported by DNDi. We also screen and treat people for various diseases, regardless of whether they end up being included in our clinical trials.

Status of DNDi clinical trials

Our top priority is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the people enrolled in our clinical trials, and of our staff and partners, especially in the current pandemic context.

‘To ensure [our trials] were Good Clinical Practice compliant, we needed to strengthen capacities in terms of infrastructure and expertise. These improvements will be useful to the Congolese research community and should last for future studies.’

Dr Crispin Lumbala, former Director, National Sleeping Sickness Control Programme, DRC

Networked research groups build capacity and increase research quality

Since 2003, DNDi has supported the creation of four disease-specific clinical research ‘platforms’ that bring together key actors including health ministries, national disease control programmes, regulatory authorities, WHO, academia, civil society groups, and clinicians and other health professionals.

The platforms serve as ‘knowledge hubs’ that:

  • help identify patients’ needs and R&D gaps,
  • strengthen and sustain clinical research capacity,
  • facilitate access to new treatments, and
  • advocate for an enabling policy and regulatory environment for needs-driven R&D.