Annual Report 2020

Medicines for the people

Annual Report 2020

Medicines for the people

Our teams and partners advanced work on more than 40 R&D projects in 2020, including 22 clinical trials conducted across 83 sites in 28 countries. More than 3,000 patients – nearly half of them children – were actively enrolled in DNDi trials. We also mobilized our networks and applied our experience in needs-driven, non-profit R&D and access to COVID-19.

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‘2020 is a year that we will look back on with pride for the tremendous momentum our teams and partners maintained across more than 40 R&D projects, standing firm in our commitment to neglected patients against unforeseen challenges and difficult odds.’

Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Chair of the Board of Directors
& Dr Bernard Pécoul, DNDi Executive Director

2020 in numbers

R&D portfolio

  • 40+ projects
  • 20+ new chemical entities
  • 92,360 chemical compounds screened

Clinical trials

  • 22 clinical trials in 8 disease areas at 83 sites in 28 countries
  • 3,140 patients enrolled in active studies
  • 49% of patients enrolled are children

Sharing knowledge

  • 46 peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • 98% published in open-access journals
  • 50% had a female lead or co-lead author
  • 74% had at least one author from a partner institution in an endemic country

Maximizing the partnership model

  • 4.6:1 ratio of partners vs. DNDi FTEs*
  • 14:1 ratio of partner vs. DNDi FTEs* in Africa

Contributions and expenditure

  • EUR 56 million in multi-year funds secured
  • EUR 5 million in-kind contributions and collaborative funding from partners
  • 89% of expenditure on social mission to maximize impact for neglected patients

Fostering inclusive & sustainable solutions

  • 1,275 people trained to support clinical research in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • 66% of all R&D partner FTEs* are in Africa

*Staff in full-time equivalents

From bench to bedside

R&D Portfolio December 2020
DNDi Portfolio December 2020

Acting as a ‘conductor of a virtual orchestra’, we collaborate with research partners around the world at all stages of the R&D process.

Our R&D portfolio includes 48 projects and more than 20 new chemical entities for 8 disease areas (as of December 2020).

New treatments in clinical development

A total of 22 clinical trials in 2020:

  • 6 clinical trial started
  • 15 clinical trials ongoing
  • 1 clinical trial completed

The road ahead: Our new strategic plan

In 2020, dozens of partners and donors who have propelled our work since 2003 joined us to take stock of our progress and accompany our teams in plotting an ambitious course of action for neglected patients for the years ahead.

Our new 2021-2028 Strategic Plan charts an eight-year journey to deliver 15 to 18 new treatments, for a total of 25 new treatments in our first 25 years.

Our work will contribute directly to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including Universal Health Coverage; multi-sector ‘One Health’ approaches for disease control and elimination; and WHO strategies, including the 2030 Roadmap for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). A key measure of our shared progress in meeting these ambitions will be the extent to which health systems provide healthcare for all, including women, children, the poor, people with neglected or stigmatizing diseases, and those at the margins of society.

2020 financial information

DNDi goes beyond the required audited financial statements in providing additional key financial performance indicators on expenditures and contributions.

A word of thanks

DNDi has now delivered nine new treatments for six neglected diseases and aims to deliver 15-18 additional treatments by 2028. We are deeply grateful for the support of all our donors and partners, and for their commitment and collaboration since 2003.