The COVID Moonshot is a non-profit, open-science consortium of scientists from around the world dedicated to the discovery of globally affordable and easily-manufactured antiviral drugs against COVID-19 and future viral pandemics.

The project started as a spontaneous virtual collaboration in March 2020 when a group of scientists, academics, pharmaceutical research teams, and students began a worldwide, twitter-fuelled race against the clock to identify new molecules that could block SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Thanks to this unprecedented collaboration of more than 150 scientists, rapid progress was made, and the consortium is now working to identify pre-clinical candidate molecules to advance a compound to clinical testing in 2022.

DNDi is coordinating this COVID-19 Therapeutics accelerator-funded project.

Open science

All the generated discovery scientific data and the general learnings of the project will be put in the public domain. Moonshot data is already available online to enable others to freely build on its work.

Additional information

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