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Support DNDi through philanthropy

Get involved

Support DNDi through philanthropy

Your philanthropic giving helps us transform lives

While some diseases and viruses receive a great deal of attention, others are almost completely ignored. This is the daily reality for the 1.6 billion people worldwide who are affected by neglected diseases or diseases of poverty.

In this reality, there are diseases for which there are no existing treatments. In this reality, there are diseases for which the treatments that do exist are painful, unsafe, or completely unsuitable for children. In this reality, those living in the poorest and least stable settings are most likely to be affected, with women, children, and others facing stigmatization or intolerance particularly vulnerable.

Here’s where the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative comes in. At DNDi, we put neglected patients at the heart of medical R&D.

An innovative solution

Complex problems need ingenious solutions, and DNDi by its very nature is an innovative solution. Our unique partnerships-based model gives us flexibility and freedom to develop treatments for diseases at a greatly reduced cost.

Where the cost of a new drug produced by the pharmaceutical industry has been estimated at over USD 1 billion, DNDi’s costs are much lower, in part due to pro bono contributions from our industrial and academic partners.

Our open innovation model aims to produce drugs that are affordable, available, and adapted to the communities who need them.

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Why support DNDis work?

Whether you are passionate about supporting a particular issue or geography, or choose to become a member of the Innovators, a group of visionary philanthropists, your support will truly create lasting change for those who need it most.

  • We deliver. To date we have created 12 new treatments for 6 deadly diseases. Our malaria treatments have been used by more than 500 million patients; and we recently introduced recent articles.
  • We work hand in hand with our founding partners: Médecins Sans Frontières, the World Health Organization, Institut Pasteur, Indian Council of Medical Research, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Brazil, the Kenyan Medical Research Institute, and the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
  • We advocate for voices that are not well heard. We work with national health ministries, global and regional bodies, civil society, and other groups to build the case for accessible treatments for neglected population groups.
  • We support innovation and build expertise in low- and middle-income countries through our work with researchers and our clinical trials run in low-resource settings.

How will DNDi work with me?

Whether you are interested in supporting us as an individual philanthropist, as a family or through a trust, foundation, or company, you can get in touch with our dedicated philanthropy team by emailing

You can also donate online today.