Launched in 2019 by Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) and DNDi, the Pandemic Response Box is a collaborative project that aims to accelerate the discovery of new treatments for life-threatening pandemic diseases by providing researchers free access to 400 diverse compounds.

Disease experts selected the Pandemic Response Box’s collection of 201 antibacterial, 153 antiviral, and 46 antifungal compounds for screening against infectious and neglected diseases. The compounds are in various phases of drug discovery or development. In return for receiving the drug-like molecules free of charge, researchers agree to make their screening results publicly available and to publish their findings in an open access journal within two years following data generation.

The goal is to help shorten the time between the emergence of a new pandemic and the availability of new drugs to treat it. History has repeatedly shown that saving time, saves lives.

Graeme Bilbe, Former R&D Director, DNDi

Open and collaborative approaches to medical innovation

The Pandemic Response Box is one of several MMV and DNDi open science projects, which encourage collaboration and transparency in drug development research.

How to order

The Pandemic Response Box is now coordinated by MMV. More details on the box and how to order it can be found on the web page.

Project update

September 2019

In the first 18 months of the project, 116 labs received the Pandemic Response Box, of which 13 are evaluating compounds for activity against COVID-19.


Coverpage of the Pandemic Response Box Factsheet

Pandemic Response Box