Following proof-of-principle with the 205 series for visceral leishmaniasis, compounds from this series have shown a 100% parasite load reduction in liver and spleen in a visceral leishmaniasis murine model. Further characterization of this series is ongoing.

Project updates


Following the assessment of the three lead compounds from this series (DNDI-6588, DNDI-6749, and DNDI-6174), DNDI-6174 was progressed and nominated as a pre-clinical candidate for visceral leishmaniasis.


Lead compound DNDI-6588 showed great efficacy in vivo in both mouse and hamster models for visceral leishmaniasis. Additional 205-series compounds having similar or improved profiles have been added to the candidate shortlist and are currently being assessed.


Over 400 compounds have been synthesized to date in this lead optimization programme for Chagas disease and leishmaniasis.