In July 2018, DNDi and diagnostic product development and delivery partnership FIND announced a partnership, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Malaysia, to generate evidence to support policy change and scale up HCV diagnosis and treatment.  

As a part of the project, simplified decentralized screening for HCV was initiated in Malaysia. People who screen positive and are subsequently confirmed to have HCV were linked to treatment either in government hospitals or, on a voluntary basis, as part of the DNDi clinical trial.  

Project updates


Ahead of World Hepatitis Day 2019, the Malaysian Ministry of Health, DNDi, and FIND launched the #MYmissingmillions campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early HCV diagnosis and treatment. The partnership offered Malaysians, especially those considered to be at high risk, the opportunity to be screened at more than 100 hospitals, primary healthcare centres, and study sites located across the country’s 14 states, and to receive highly effective treatment free of charge. 

More than 11,000 patients were screened over the course of 2019, with over 400 people linked to HCV treatment in government hospitals and 23 as part of the DNDi clinical trial.