In February 2016, Daiichi Sankyo and DNDi launched a High-Throughput Screening project of 40,000 compounds from Daiichi Sankyo with the goal of discovering anti-leishmaniasis and anti-Chagas disease compounds, identifying three compound series.

Project updates


The frontrunning series that is the current focus of this hit-to-lead project has clear activity against the T. cruzi parasite, which causes Chagas disease. This series will therefore be progressed for Chagas disease.


This project, which ended in September 2018, aimed to identify at least one progressable lead series meeting DNDi lead-stage criteria for visceral leishmaniasis and/or Chagas disease. The project milestone was reached with the identification of a progressable Chagas lead series with proven in vivo.


Current hit-to-lead efforts of the series identified from the Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Space Library focus on Chagas disease, but the project team submits any newly synthesized molecules to a Leishmania cross screen to assess potential.