Project updates


This series is part of a collaboration agreement made in 2018 with the Drug Discovery Unit of Dundee University in Scotland and GlaxoSmithKline’s Global Health Unit in Spain. With work on the series resulting in a drug candidate for leishmaniasis that will move into translational research, research for a candidate for Chagas from the C205 series is currently on hold.


This series is part of the GSK/DDU/DNDi discovery collaboration portfolio, following a research agreement made in early 2018. Work on the series has concentrated on safety profiling and exploratory toxicology for the selected front-runners. Decision on if and how to proceed will be made once the complete BENDITA trial data are available. 


Following curative activity in vivo observed for several lead compounds of the 205 series, work in 2017 concentrated on better understanding the necessary parameters for obtaining cure in animals, in particular by testing different regimens and doses while exploring further optimization. Further characterization of this series is ongoing, and compounds are being profiled for candidate nomination. More than 400 compounds have been synthesized by this programme to date.