A partnership to expand access to life-saving testing and treatment for hepatitis C

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The Hepatitis C Partnership for Control and Treatment, or Hepatitis C PACT, was launched in 2021 to tackle ongoing disparities in access to diagnostics and treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) in low-and middle-income countries, home to 75% of people living with the viral illness.

Working closely with HCV stakeholders in target countries, Hepatitis C PACT aims to foster an enabling environment for HCV testing and treatment by rolling out all-oral cures, scaling up community-based testing to help find the missing millions of undiagnosed people, and addressing domestic financial challenges that may prevent the launch and scale-up of national programmes. It also aims to tackle patent and access barriers that stand in the way of reaching the World Health Organization goals of controlling hepatitis C globally by 2030.

The Hepatitis C PACT welcomes additional collaborators to join the effort, including investors and development banks. For more information, contact: hepatitiscpact@dndi.org

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