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DNDi in DRC brings Regular Support to the Clinical Trials
Angèle Ngo-On,
Logistician for NECT Project in the DRC,

DNDi's activities started in the DRC in 2005. Its main role is to provide services in terms of logistic and financial support for the NECT Trial, the HAT Platform, and DNDi's national partner, the PNLTHA. Keeping regular liaison with Geneva and all our local partners such as MSF-Belgium, MSF-France, BTC (Belgium technical cooperation), STI, and more recently, the WHO National Representative for HAT, is also one of its main activities.

The final NECT follow up is expected around end of June. For that, and in order to strengthen local capacities, some logistic endeavours were carried out in the relevant sites, such as the incinerator renewal in Katanda, and transport reinforcement with 2 extra motorbikes were also sent to the field. Linked to this, and thanks to MSF-B, 6 Yamaha AG 100 motorbikes with an important set of spare-parts were donated to DNDi for its clinical trial. Value USD +/- 2,600 per motorbike.

Rockhopper/BBC Documentary on Sleeping Sickness
DNDi facilitated an audiovisual coverage in February for Rockhopper/BBC team. The film's main focus will be on people, patients suffering from HAT and the impact of HAT on the communities. This documentary will be the first in a series of 8. To be broadcast in September-October 2008.

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