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DNDi Project Collaboration in Japan
Fumiko Hyarabayashi and Chris Brünger,
Project Coordinator and R&D Expert,

DNDi activities in Japan are mainly focused on developing discovery projects and on better positioning DNDi within the country.
The Kitasato Institute in Japan – world-famous for its discovery of ivermectine for the treatment of onchocerciasis, another neglected tropical disease - continues to collaborate with DNDi on a joint screening project to identify innovative compounds effective against the trypanosome parasite that causes African sleeping sickness. In vitro and in vivo screenings are progressing to evaluate natural substances, with the main focus on purification from broths. Several promising hits have been identified and smooth progress for lead optimisation is expected.
DNDi is in continuous dialogue with JPMA, the Japanese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and in close talks with several of its member companies about research collaborations for the discovery and development of innovative treatments against sleeping sickness, visceral leishmaniasis, and Chagas disease.
DNDi Japan is strengthening its presence in the country by expanding its relationships in academia, the government, and the media. DNDi is creating a Japanese language version of the corporate website and is also preparing a DNDi portfolio map in Japanese. DNDi actively participates in local and regional conferences and provides significant support to the Pan-Asian Screening Network (PASN), which was created by DNDi with a grant from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

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