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We have made the decision to get involved in drug discovery and development activities in neglected areas because this is our passion. The senior team of Advinus has returned to India with over 160 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience with the intention to make a difference. The team members have experience in developing eight anti-infective drugs – antivirals and antibacterials. We are already involved in discovering new drugs for metabolic disorders and inflammatory diseases. Being placed in India, we believe that it is our moral responsibility to apply our capabilities and experience to address the nation's need and public health issues. Unlike many developing countries where a variety of neglected diseases pose serious public health issues, India is currently in a unique position. Not only is public health an issue, but the country has the talent, capabilities, and infrastructure to do justice to the growing needs of neglected diseases. At Advinus we have made neglected diseases as an integral part of our mission statement. We are proud to be part of the Tata organisation, which has over a century of history for supporting a variety of national causes. We have strong support from our board for this endeavour. The developed world has ignored neglected diseases for far too long. If we do not help ourselves, who will?

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