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Concentrated HAT Platform Efforts in the 5 Most Affected Countries

Current activities of the HAT Platform help to strengthen or develop clinical trial capacity and methodologies in HAT-endemic regions:

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training for platform members from the 5 countries taking place in Nairobi
  • Four training sessions for Ethics Committee members (DRC, Sudan, Uganda and Angola)
  • Clinical Monitor training in Kampala with participants from six countries (DRC, RoC, Angola, Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda)
  • A training programme for medical doctors (from RoC, Angola, and DRC) centered on "The clinical examination of the patient with sleeping sickness"
  • Three HAT Platform newsletters have been published
  • After the initial launch of the platform in August 2005 in Kinshasa, an annual platform meeting took place in Nairobi (Sept. 2006 and Khartoum, Nov. 2007); 6 monthly steering committee meetings were held in conjunction to the annual meeting, and in the interim in Luanda, Feb. 2006, Basel 2007, and Kampala June 2008
  • HAT participation in various scientific congresses.

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