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Visweswaran Navaratnam,
Head of Regional Office,
Pulau, Malaysia

The main activities undertaken by the Malaysia Regional Office are to support DNDi projects in the region, to foster the establishment of natural substance discovery and development research consortia focusing on the identification of potential bioactive agents for neglected diseases, and to increase the awareness and visibility of DNDi regionally. The Regional Office is also taking steps to facilitate the implementation of ASMQ in the region through liaisons with relevant malaria control programmes and other relevant authorities. It also plays a role in scientific events that are organised in the region. DNDi hence has participated in the Asian Expert Forum on Malaria/TB/AIDS organised by the UN in Bangkok January 08. It also attended the ASEAN Drug Regulators Meeting that took place in March 2008.
For future events in the region, DNDi is sponsoring the Symposium on "Partnering in R&D to Develop New Drugs for the Most Neglected Diseases" which is due to take place on 22 June 2008 within the 13th International Congress on Infectious Disease.


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