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ASMQ: a Great Public-Private, Intercontinental Partnership

Farmanguinhos is of a public pharmaceutical nature, meaning that it is not run for profit making. However, a public pharmaceutical institution is not philanthropic, nor can it afford to have economic loss. It must be efficient and respect its costs. Losses and inefficiency would be covered by taxpayers, in this case, by the Brazilian citizens.
Nevertheless, we stay focused in the need to develop medicines for the diseases that big pharmaceuticals are not interested in. In the public sector we produce what the others do not want to produce, usually because neglected diseases are present in limited markets and affect empoverished people.
The ASMQ project demonstrates that it is possible to develop innovative, needs-driven R&D technologies that will deliver new drugs.

The decision to transfer the technology developed by DNDi-Farmanguinhos to a private company in India to supply the Asian continent demonstrates that we are able to combine scientific activities undertaken in many countries into a great public-private, intercontinental partnership.

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