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Els, a Mover and Shaker,
from Concept to Care!

Bernard Pécoul, DNDi's Executive Director

Words alone cannot describe Els Torreele and what she has contributed to DNDi ! Over the past ten years, Els is one of the people who has seen the most and contributed the most for neglected patients. Both a scientist and an advocate, Els has constantly challenged and pushed me and DNDi to find new and practical solutions for those most in need.

From her bright academic career to her role as coordinator and chair of the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Working Group (DND-WG), and then as project manager since the birth of DNDi in 2003, she has left her indelible mark.

From high throughput screening (HTS) to data mining; from the selection of animal models for preclinical studies to the study of the adverse effects of drug candidates on living organisms; from designing and running clinical studies and handling logistics in the most remote areas of the Congo River, Els has done it all and is the ultimate all-rounder.

Els was also critical in bringing a new and improved treatment for sleeping sickness and brought a new possible drug into clinical development. Within ten years Els has shown that we could move from dream to reality and all while challenging us and our partners to find an even more favorable environment to allow innovation.

Your colleagues at DNDi worldwide and I will miss you. We will especially miss your permanent capacity to question everything. More importantly, for years to come, patients suffering from sleeping sickness will benefit from your creativity and insightfulness.

Els merci! Ce n’est qu’un au revoir. DNDi still needs your intellect, your heart, and your energy and I am in no doubt that you will continue to ask the right questions and have a positive influence on neglected diseases in your future job. We wish you all the best in the big apple and look forward to hearing about you and from you!

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