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Two Major Donors Renew Grants to DNDi
GBP 18 Million from the UK Department for International Development (DFID)
The UK Department for International Development granted DNDi GBP 18 million over five years in unrestricted initiative funding. This grant builds on the 2005 grant of GBP 6.5 million from DFID, which provided the first major government funding to DNDi over the three-year period 2005 – 2008. The grant provides unrestricted initiative funding to cover a broad spectrum of drug research, development, and access activities undertaken by DNDi and its partners.

EUR 18 Million from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Médecins Sans Frontières committed EUR 18 million over the next six years to DNDi and continues to provide support through its field programmes to the operational and clinical research needed to advance DNDi ’s drug-development portfolio. As a Founding Partner, MSF committed EUR 25 million to the start-up of DNDi in 2004.

EUR 1 Million from the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
The GTZ, on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, granted DNDi EUR 1 million to support discovery, lead optimization and preclinical projects for Chagas disease and HAT.
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