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TDR investigates NECT in Uganda
By Deborah Kioy, HAT Research Coordinator, The UNICEF/UNDP/
The World Bank, and WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR)
As part of a larger collaborative effort with DNDi and Epicentre, the TDR has sponsored a clinical trial comparing the NECT combination with the standard eflornithine regimen for the treatment of T. b. gambiense HAT in the meningo-encephalitic phase (1) started in 2005 in Uganda. The study is being conducted in two sites, in Omugo and Moyo, where Dr Freddie Kasiime and Dr Seraphine Adibaku are the principal investigators, respectively. Recruitment has been completed at both sites, with a total of 109 patients enrolled. Follow-up of these patients will continue until June 2009, after which the results will be analysed.

The preliminary in-hospital safety data show no obvious inconsistency with the safety data provided to TDR by DNDi on the NECT study in DRC and RoC (reported by Gerardo Priotto). However, complete safety data from the TDR study will only be available after study completion next year

1- ISRCTN03148609
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