Leishmaniasis Clinical Research Centre in Arba Minch, Ethiopia
In conducting clinical research in the disease-endemic countries, DNDi and its partners often face a lack of capacity, infrastructure, and trained personnel in the remote areas where patients live. To gain access to these neglected patients DNDi, in certain cases, has to strengthen existing health facilities so that clinical trials to test new drugs can take place.

In Arba Minch, southern Ethiopia, DNDi is building a clinical research and treatment centre attached to the 200-bed general hospital serving a remote region. The hospital is overstretched, with insufficient beds and patients sleeping in the corridors.

As part of a long-term agreement between DNDi, Addis Ababa University, and the Ministry of Health Hospital in Arba Minch, construction has begun on the new centre, which will be operational by the end of this year.

Staff have been trained in good clinical research methods and visceral leishmaniasis treatment. Once operational, the centre will be used for years to come to develop new treatments for leishmaniasis.

This was made possible through a generous donation by a Swiss foundation that has fully funded the construction and equipping of this facility.
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