UK Grants DNDi £6.5 million
The UK’s Department for
UK scores against neglected diseases
Living up to promises made by the G8, the UK has recently granted £17.5 million pounds for research and development of drugs for neglected diseases (ND). We hope other G8 nations will follow suit.
International Development (DFID) has granted DNDi £6.5 million for its R&D of drugs for neglected diseases. In funding product development partnerships such as DNDi, TB Alliance, TDR, for a total of £17.5 million the UK is actively implementing the policies it put forward during its presidency of the G8 and European Union in 2005, and shows real commitment to its policy to make global health a priority.

DFID funds and works with key public-private partnerships and multi-donor collaborations best placed to influence and deliver the best results through boosting research and development and improving access to medicines for the poorest people. Their approach brings together the private sector, NGOs, and government funding.

This core public funding is crucial to DNDi’s success.

It will enable DNDi to pursue its portfolio strategy essential for effective drug  development.  It will allow DNDi to accelerate individual projects in its portfolio deemed appropriate by its Scientific Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, and R&D team.  And ultimately, it will ensure that improved treatments reach neglected disease patients faster.

DFID’s generous commitment is not only important in terms of the funding itself but also because it shows public engagement to fight neglected diseases, even those that may never affect people in Britain.  This is commendable, and DNDi sincerely hopes this grant will motivate other governments to follow the UK’s lead.
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