“Medicines are not everything, but without them little can be done.”
Lee Jong-Wook, Director General, WHO

“The world is slowly waking up to the needs of neglected patients. And not a moment too soon! I look forward to the result of the forthcoming debate at the WHA this May on the Resolution brought to the table by Kenya and Brazil, as well as the commendable report published by CIPIH. What I would like to see now is not more sub-committees and working groups but action in terms of giving higher priority to neglected disease drug research and increased funding of drug development projects already underway. How much longer before we walk the talk and get much needed drugs to forgotten patients?”
Paulina Tindana, Patient Representative, DNDi Board of Directors

“Kenya is very proud to have spearheaded the WHO R&D resolution that was accepted by the EB in its current form and forwarded to the WHA for discussions…
This resolution should be passed by WHA so that the poor and voiceless can be catered for…Profits should never be put above public health and good!”
Dr A.E.O. Ogwell, Ministry of Health Kenya

“Strong political leadership in addressing this relevant but forgotten issue is needed to making global health and medicines a strategic sector and to set R&D priorities to meet, above all, the needs of patients who are too often neglected in the current short-sighted profit-led model.”
Umberto Guidoni, Italian MEP

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