Just over 1% of new drugs developed are for neglected diseases
Scientists ask WHO to boost ‘neglected’ disease R&D
“More than 200 medical scientists urged the World Health Organisation (WHO)… to back a call to boost research into drugs for "neglected" diseases that kill mainly the world's poor.”

“New thinking and changes to global public policy structures
are required if this situation is to change.” 
Sir John Sulston (FRS, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine) in Oxfam statement presented to the WHO Executive Board, January 2006

WHO to decide on medical R&D
“The annual assembly of the WHO in May will be asked to decide on a controversial resolution calling for a new approach to medical research and development that emphasises the need for affordable drugs to meet health priorities of the poor.”
Financial Times

Accès aux médicaments :
Une résolution appelle l'OMS à renforcer son action
“Près de 90 % des 105 milliards de dollars dépensés chaque année pour la recherche médicale vont à des maladies qui concernent seulement 10 % de la population mondiale. Une résolution discutée par l'OMS pourrait contribuer à modifier les priorités.”
Schweizerische Depeschenagentur

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